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About this Blog
Some call it attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), others talk about being hyperactive. Here are the accounts of the life of a parent trying to help a child with ADHD.

About the Author
I am the parent of a child with ADHD who believes that the one of the best ways to help such a child is by sharing experiences with other such parents.

ADHD Blog (and Tourette's and Asperger's)

The true story of a family trying to adapt and help.

2008-05-27 - 22:49:01

Government help refused

So, basically, we have an ADHD child with Tourette's and Asperger's. He has trouble in school and, at age 15, takes so much energy out of us that we basically crash on our bed every night, exhausted. Our federal and provincial governments have programs to help parents who have children with developmental issues.

Well, according the the provincial government, A. is normal and we can not benefit from any help.


Thankfully, we're getting a bit more out of the federal government. A bit.

Well, at least we're lucky enough to have a comfortable bed.


2008-07-11 - 22:42:53

My son's ADHD caused a lot of issues with the school system and we have recently started home-schooling him. You mentioned government help. I was not aware of such assistance. Can you provide any info.?

2009-08-09 - 21:48:49

Have you tried EEG neurofeedback? My son with Asperger's and a tic disorder benefited tremendously from it. We did it intensively over a six month period, from home, because we trained and bought the equipment, and then just travelled occasionally to the clinic (3 hours away).

Within 2 months, all the obsessive-compulsive behaviour was gone, as well as most of the anxiety and agitation.

Within 4 months, the tics were gone.

Within 6 months, we had him off all meds. There was an adjustment period for sure, but it settled within a few weeks.

It's a year later. He's happy, well-adjusted, doing well in school, has friends, likes activities he never liked before, and is far less sensitive. He's still young for his age and really quirky, but he's free of the worst of AS and TS and is hanging onto the best.

The cost for us was what we paid for his braces. That included the appointments at the clinic, the purchase of the equipment, and the 2 days of training. ASD disorders take about 60-100 sessions, since it's very deep in the brain. But once the brainwaves are trained out of the faulty pattern, they don't go back.

If you'd like to contact me to learn more about our experience, please visit my website and use the contact there.

Good luck

2010-09-07 - 16:57:22

Hello everyone,

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