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About this Blog
Some call it attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), others talk about being hyperactive. Here are the accounts of the life of a parent trying to help a child with ADHD.

About the Author
I am the parent of a child with ADHD who believes that the one of the best ways to help such a child is by sharing experiences with other such parents.

ADHD Blog (and Tourette's and Asperger's)

The true story of a family trying to adapt and help.

2006-08-05 - 15:15:18

Our first visit to the new neurologist

You might remember that during one of our visits with the child psychologist, we asked her about the possibility of A. also suffering from Gilles de la Tourrette Syndrome (follow this link to learn more about Tourette by reading Wikipedia's entry on the subject). She mentioned that she didn't feel she could answer that question and referred us to a neurologist.

We called, scheduled an appointment and patiently waited for a few months. We finally met with Dr. Rubin around October 2005. He seems like a very nice and patient man (A. instantly found him funny, which is probably a good thing). He asked us a few questions, talked with A. a bit and had him take a few tests.

Simply put, his conclusion was that A. is a very intelligent young man and that he does suffer from Tourette.

We were saddened (though not shocked) to learn that A. does indeed suffer from Tourette. This is but another weight on his shoulders and another aspect of his life that he will one day have to learn to deal with. On the other hand, we feel that knowing more is better than knowing less and that such conclusions might actually help us take some steps in the right direction with him. (Sandra was also very happy to hear the doctor call A. "very intelligent")

So what now? Well, we asked the doctor if he thought A. might also suffer from Asperger. We had recently learned of this condition (somewhat like a sub category of autism) and our readings led us to believe A. might also be afflicted. Dr. Rubin didn't feel he could give a diagnostic and referred us to another doctor, at Montreal's Douglas hospital.

Here we go again...

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