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Some call it attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), others talk about being hyperactive. Here are the accounts of the life of a parent trying to help a child with ADHD.

About the Author
I am the parent of a child with ADHD who believes that the one of the best ways to help such a child is by sharing experiences with other such parents.

ADHD Blog (and Tourette's and Asperger's)

The true story of a family trying to adapt and help.

2006-08-19 - 15:35:45

Douglas Hospital, part 1

After re-reading my last post, I'm worried that some people might believe Sandra and I are on a quest to have A. diagnosed with every ailment known to man. Please understand that this is not the case. Maybe I can better explain using the following analogy:

A. is a bit (psychologically speaking) like a slippery eel. We try to help him as best as we can, but we have trouble understanding him. As if we couldn't reach him at all. We both know for a fact (through various experiences and conversations) that he actually understands much more than he lets on, but that doesn't make our life much easier at home (or at school, for that matter).

For us, learning as much as we can about A. helps us better understand him and also helps us make him grow a bit more. So when Sandra came upon some info about Asperger's Syndrome (follow this link to learn more about Tourette by reading Wikipedia's entry on the subject), we found that A. got a 95% score on the test to help spot an Asperger child.

So this is why we ended up at the Douglas Hospital where we met a two people who talked with us and asked A. a few questions. They concluded that A. might suffer from Asperger's, but that a more formal tests would have to be taken. This test would be videotaped in order to have at least two people review it. It's a bit of a subjective test, I believe, about a child's social interactions, so the more people who rate the test, the better. So... We gave our consent and took another appointment.

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